A Message from Sam, Our Founder

Hey everybody, Sam from HiViz here.

I just got off the road from a really awesome training with one of our dealers and I thought I would share some of my reflections from it today. It was interesting because, about 10 years ago, I went to a fire academy class just as I was starting this business. The fire academy aimed to teach how to be a fireman and was kind of unrelated to the lighting — I was really just learning the role of, you know, public safety.

Fast forward to today — I got to give a presentation to a couple of new salespeople that are entering the market but who actually were the teachers who taught at the weekend school and then the academy work when I was just learning the ropes really early on in the HiViz days. So there I was: just kind of thinking about that and how cool it was to be able to teach the folks that had given me a lot of my early lessons. Thinking about what it means to be in the public safety market and reflecting on the fact that we’re so fortunate to be able to stand on the shoulders of so many giants that have taken the time to be mentors, to be friends, to be teachers, and to show us the ropes in the areas of their respective expertise… then to be able to share back what we’ve learned and done with that knowledge was pretty cool today.

So anyway, if you are one of the folks that has helped us along the way, I just want to send a big thank you to everybody that’s been a part of that journey. If you’re someone that we’ve not met yet, I’m looking forward to having the chance to meet you. And if you’re one of our customers that are allied to helping protect after dark, stay safe out there and remember the Firetech brand is here behind you, so that you can get the job done and help save lives. Anyway, I hope you guys have a fantastic day and we’ll see you later. Bye.


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