Feature: Burtonsville Fire Department

Burtonsville Fire Department


Feature Friday: Burtonsville Fire Department


The Burtonsville Volunteer Fire Department is one of 19 volunteer fire departments within the Montgomery County Fire Rescue Service in Montgomery County, MD.  Located approximately 30 minutes outside of Washington, DC, the Burtonsville station operates an engine, ladder truck, heavy rescue squad, BLS ambulance, ALS ambulance, and a brush unit, collectively responding to over 6,000 calls for service yearly.


Placed in service on October 25th, 2020, Rescue Squad 715 is a 2020 E-One Cyclone II Heavy Duty Rescue with a highly customized stainless-steel box. The backbone of the unit’s operation is the Harrison Integrated Hydraulic Technology system, providing power to a 25KW Harrison generator, a 20,000 lb. Ramsey hydraulic winch in the rear, and six pre-connected Genesis hydraulic tools. An additional valve was included to transfer power from 1 pre-connected line to a front bumper port, allowing additional hydraulic tool capability.


Burtonsville selected FireTech for all their scene lighting because, “The warranty and customer service at FireTech are unmatchable. Staff at Firetech were extremely responsive throughout the specification process, answering technical questions and even providing a lighting analysis to help with locating light heads. We support this brand so much that we upgraded every light fixture possible.” Located on the leading brow of the cab is the flagship 72-inch brow light with integrated marker lights. The sides of the cab are lit with double-stacked 2.9 LED mini-brow lights. The body features double-stacked 2.15 LED fixtures in a semi-recessed cast aluminum housing, 3 on each side and 2 facing rearward. Each of these fixtures uses a combination of all spot, all flood, and combination spot/flood optics to light the fireground. Mounted on the Will-Burt light tower are 2 Sirion light heads, producing 220,000 lumens of light. Completing the lighting package is FireTech undercarriage lights, the FT-CU-AQX, as well as FireTech compartment strip lighting.


Other equipment on this unit includes: Paratech ACME thread and Longshore Struts, Enerpac 50-ton hydraulic lifting cylinders, Vetter high pressure and medium pressure airbags, Tractel grip hoists, portable Pelican scene lighting, an on-board air system, Genesis E-Force battery-operated hydraulic tools, Hypertherm plasma cutter, Petrogen torch, and water rescue dry-suits.


Are you a first responder? We’d love to hear from you!

Tell us about your fire apparatus or ambulance and you might be featured on our blog!


Are you a first responder?

We’d love to hear from you! Tell us about your fire apparatus or ambulance and you might be featured on our blog!