LED lighting is the most advanced technology on the market today, and offers maximum visibility and safety around your apparatus. LED lights do not use a bulb, and without any moving or glass parts, are designed to operate maintenance free for the life of your apparatus.





HID lights require a bulb, starter and ballast to operate. They have a higher output per watt than halogen bulbs, but take time to warm up and reach their full brightness. HID lights are also prone to excessive electrical noise, which can interfere with communication systems.





Tungsten-halogen bulbs use an oversized globe and specially engineered filament to enhance light output. Halogen bulbs are by far the least efficient and often provide the least amount of light when compared to LED and HID options.





Top Binning

Not all LEDs are created equal. Each run of any given model of LEDs by the manufacturer is binned to classify the quality within that batch. HiViz uses only top binned LEDs to ensure the highest quality.

Pulse Width Modulation

When enabled, Pulse Width Modulation integrated circuitry flashes the LED faster than the human eye can see for reduced heat, prolonged LED life and providing dimming capabilities

High Efficiency

HiViz products are engineered for the highest possible luminous efficacy – the ratio of lumens per watt. Our fixtures consume up to 2/3 less power than others in similar output ranges.

Electronic Thermal Management

The most important factor in determining service life and performance of an LED fixture is the operating temperature of the circuit. Integrated Electronic Thermal Management automatically regulates heat levels by engaging ETM to prolong each LEDs lifespan to 50,000+ hours.



Lumens is the measurement of light at the source. Lux (or Foot Candles) is the measurement of light on a specific target. Analogous to fire fighting, Lumens is GPM/Flow, Lux is where the water droplets land. Changing from fog to straight stream does not effect the flow rate, it just effects where the water lands. Similarly, Lumens at the source does not tell you how much light is where you’re working, just how much light is produced. Temperature of circuit is analogous to Friction loss.

In general, adequate work lighting levels in the Fire/Rescue/EMS industry is defined as somewhere between 3 and 10 lux on target. At one lux, you generally have enough light to read a newspaper.


Lumens are a common standard for measuring light output at the source. It is important to know that the LED chip manufacturer rating is only for the light source in a perfect world, at a perfect temperature and does not account for losses due to optical inefficiencies, electrical inefficiencies or heat.


The sum of the rated output of the LED chips is not enough to capture the whole story. When measuring effective output, the amount of light lost as heat, or in scattering through the optics, and to electrical inefficiency must also be accounted for. Effective Light Output is measured in a machine called a Goniophotometer, and allows comparisons between fixtures using reproducible scientific “IES” data. This is the ONLY fair way to compare lights from one manufacturer to another. We’re always happy to provide Photometric Isolux reports on any product upon request.




Products are sprayed from close distances with 80~100 BAR water pressure to verify the ingress protection rating, ensuring they are sealed properly.

A graphic showing the operation temperature for a LED Light between -40 and +80 degrees celsius, with a thermometer in the middle of it.


Products are placed in a -40°C chamber for 30 minutes, and then placed in a 80°C chamber for an additional 30 minutes. Products are then left on for 72 hours.

A black icon with a lightning bolt and text Multi-Volt 9-32V DC Input.


All products are put on a digital power meter to test that it is consuming the correct amount of power, checking for any electrical faults.

An icon showing a water container with an arrow pointing down and text Underwater.


Once products are assembled every product is run through a submersion (water dunk test), then placed onto an aging rack and powered up for 30 minutes

A Guardian Surface Mounted LED Scene Light by FireTech for firetrucks and ambulances.


Products are then switched on and off 20,000 times repeatedly to ensure that they remain functional after all testing.

Dear FireTech Customer,

Thank you so much for your business! Please see the HiViz Lighting Warranty Policy below! We are so proud to manufacture the most reliable light fixtures in the public safety market. Our mission is to help first responders work more safely and effectively after dark so that they can help others. A key part of successfully achieving this mission is doing everything we can to ensure that our products work when you need them to. Our products are built by people, so while we can’t promise that you will never have an issue, we do promise that we will do what is fair and right to get it resolved as quickly as possible. This may be achieved by assisting with troubleshooting, advance exchange, or repair of your fixture. When we request and provide direction on troubleshooting, it is not to delay or avoid honoring the FireTech Warranty. Our team includes certified electrical EVTs who will help to determine if a symptom exhibited is caused by the fixture, or the electrical system powering it. If the troubleshooting highlights a wiring or power issue, our EVTs will still provide support. If troubleshooting is not done and the problem lies in the electrical system, providing a new fixture won’t resolve the underlying issue. When we say, “LifeTime Warranty”, we mean it. Our policy below is designed to honor that promise while also taking into consideration some of the complexities associated with manufacturing a product that requires being tied into electrical systems that we did not design or produce. Regardless of whether an issue is in the electrical or the fixture, we will support you and do what we can to minimize any downtime of your apparatus. Stay safe and thank you for your service.

Kaoma Massa

Chief Operating Officer

FireTech Warranty Policy

All FireTech Products (Part numbers FT-) have a limited LifeTime Warranty when used on a Fire Apparatus or Ambulance owned and in-service with a registered public safety agency or hospital system.

Other vehicles and markets included but not limited to construction, utility, commercial or consumer, have a 5-year repair warranty. See warranty policy for your market. Other exclusions may apply. See additional details below.

Lifetime warranty is only valid for the service life of the apparatus on which the fixture was originally installed. Warranty claims may only be made by the current owner of the apparatus for which the product was originally installed, or a FireTech Authorized Reseller acting on their behalf.

Our warranty covers:

  • Moisture intrusion
  • LEDs out
  • LEDs dimming
  • LEDs color shifting

Our warranty does not cover:

  • Abuse, accident, neglect, or other physical damage
  • Melting or other thermal damage due to use outside of the product’s stated specifications
  • Fixtures that have been disassembled (including those with their end caps removed)
  • Fixtures that have been tampered with or repaired by any person other than us
  • Cosmetic issues, deficiencies, or defects in coatings or housings which do not affect the function of the fixture
  • Service or labor of installing the new fixture

If you wish to file a warranty claim, please reach out to us via phone at 703-662-3458, e-mail at or text us at 703-662-3458 with the following information:

  1. Proof of purchase (or explanation of where product was purchased. ie., on a new ____ brand of apparatus)
  2. A description of the issue
  3. The part number or a photograph of the fixture
  4. The address for where to ship a replacement
  5. A contact name, e-mail address and phone number for the point person who will be receiving the new fixture and responsible for returning the old fixture.

Once we get your claim, we will work with you to do some basic trouble shooting (required) to ensure that your issues are caused by a manufacturing defect and to rule out other potential problems (such as wiring issues, low voltage or other). If troubleshooting does not solve the problem, you are based in the 48 contiguous states, and your fixture is deemed eligible for advance exchange (at our sole discretion), we will send you a fixture in at least the same cosmetic condition as the defective fixture with a return label included. Ineligible fixtures or fixtures without available inventory may be required to be returned for repair. For fixtures that are under warranty, and if the inventory is available, we will advance exchange a replacement fixture and include a shipping return label for you to ship the old fixture to us. On advance exchanged fixtures, we require that you return the faulty fixture with the provided return label within 30 days. If we do not receive the faulty fixture within that time, you will receive an invoice and be charged for the full replacement cost of the fixture. The warrantied fixture will be bench tested once we receive it. If the fixture is found to be operational, you will be responsible for purchasing the advance exchanged fixture (+ shipping cost), and the warrantied fixture will be shipped back to you. Prior to issuing an invoice, we will provide documentation from the bench test, including a photo or video of the fixture operational.

You are responsible for ensuring that any fixture shipped to us is properly packaged. Damage to a fixture during transit is the responsibility of the shipping party. We shall have no liability whatsoever for any costs related to any shipping-related damage. Please be sure all fixtures are well packaged and that any loose hardware is secured so that it doesn’t damage the fixture (i.e mounting brackets etc.)

Customers outside of the 48 contiguous states are not eligible for advance exchange. The customer shall bear the cost of international shipping and duties for the repair of all fixtures covered under out warranty. In processing such a warranty claim, we, in our sole discretion, may request that a customer submit proof of destruction of a faulty fixture rather than require that the fixture be shipped to us pursuant to our policy stated above.

Customized and primer-coated items are eligible under our warranty policy but may be ineligible for advance exchange as we do not inventory custom color fixtures. In such cases, we may ask you to ship the fixture back to us and we will repair and return it to you as quickly as possible.  We are not responsible for any damage to the paint/coating of customer painted fixtures, and if fixture must be replaced, a new primer coated fixture will be shipped.  Re-painting a replaced primer-coated fixture will be the sole responsibility of the owner of the fixture.

Our warranty extends to the replacement or repair of our products and is not a service warranty (parts only). The obligations undertaken in this warranty are offered only on purchased items and conditions and may not be enlarged or altered by anyone. This warranty does not apply to products that have been used as interior structural firefighting aides, including those used on aerial devices above high thermal impact zones. TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, HIVIZ LIGHTING, INC. AND ITS AFFILIATES DISCLAIM LIABILITY FOR INCIDENTAL AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.

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If you have questions, please call us.