Ford Super Duty A-Pillar Brow Light Mounting Kit

The FireTech Brow Light can easily be mounted to the leading edge of your 08-16 Ford Super Duty F-250-550 cab. This bracket kit allows installation of an ultra-low-profile brow light in your station, with basic tools and a couple hours of time. This particular configuration mates seamlessly to the FT-B-46-ML3 (with center 3 ID lights) or the FT-B-50 (no marker lights).

High-Quality American-Made Steel

The 2009-2016 Ford Super Duty A-Pillar Brow Light Mounting Brackets are made from high-quality US-made steel material. The bracket kit installs in the door jamb to allow protection from the elements and prevent water from leaking into your vehicle. Grip insert nuts are used to fasten into the body, some minor drilling is required, but allows a fast and simple installation that is super easy to service or remove later down the road.

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