BG2 Lighting System

The FireTech Brow Light is the ultimate lighting solution for the front of your Fire Apparatus. Available with optional Integrated DOT Marker lights and split circuits, this product is the first fixture specifically designed from the ground up for use on the front of an apparatus cab.

Diagram of BG2 Smart Scene and Traffic Direction System

Scene Light, Warning Light, Whole Apparatus Traffic Director

Collisions with First Responder Vehicles are on the rise, and many attribute this increase to a combination of distracted drivers and warning lights which can sometimes do more to hurt than help. With the BG2S, the focus is on the entire scene, not just the lighting around the apparatus. Scene lights illuminate the area for the first responders, the dimmable warning lights are projected towards oncoming drivers, and the optional HAAS Alert integration broadcasts digital alerts to oncoming motorists in their vehicles.

In the above illustration, an angled apparatus can be set up such that the entire right side of the apparatus is providing maximum work light on the incident, while the left and rear sides are operating as a dimmable whole-apparatus traffic director. On the front of the apparatus, the light is shining only down instead of out, which prevents blinding oncoming drivers as they pass the incident in unaffected travel lanes.

Custom Mounting for Each Cab

BG2 Bracket Options

The crucial key.

The key to minimizing shadowing is correct placement on the apparatus. With BG2, a custom-tooled extrusion is matched to the installation location, which results in optimal placement on the edge of the apparatus body. No fabricating, cutting, or thinking required. Just choose the correct extrusion, mount the track, and send the truck down the road.


  • Part # FT-BG2*-*
  • Voltage

    DC (9-32v)

  • Beam Pattern

    Flood, Standard Spot / Flood / Scene

  • Raw-Lumens

    3,400 per module

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