32,000 Lumen Pole-Mounted LED Scene Light

CAUTION! The FT-SL-30 is nothing like your grandmother’s old halogen scene light. This fixture is the brightest LED scene light offered by any manufacturer in our industry. It draws just short of 300w and is capable of maintaining its output without overheating as long as you feed it power.

A Powerful Light That Won’t Overheat

Like its smaller partner, the FT-SL-18, the FT-SL-30 is based on the same core design technology as the Brow and MiniBrow series of lights; an extruded housing with two end caps and a variety of optics. It incorporates our patented Prime Drive Active Thermal Management system which ensures maximum output in all situations while still maintaining a protected operating temperature that will guarantee the LEDs are never overheated and will last their full 50,000 hour expected lifespan.

The FT-SL-30 is backed by the industry’s leading Limited LIFETIME* warranty.

*FlexPower Module on AC versions carries a 5-year warranty

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