4-step warranty process to keep your truck in service

FireTech LIFETIME Warranty Policy

Reach out to us to discuss your issue.

Work with our on-staff EVTs to troubleshoot your issue

If we determine its a warranty claim, we will ship a replacement fixture and a shipping label for your old light ASAP.

New fixture arrives for you to make the replacement on the apparatus, and you can send the old one back to us with the provided shipping label when the swap is complete.


All FireTech Products (Part numbers FT-) have a limited LifeTime Warranty when used on a Fire Apparatus or Ambulance owned and in-service with a registered public safety agency or hospital system.

Other vehicles and markets included but not limited to construction, utility, commercial or consumer, have a 5-year repair warranty. See warranty policy for your market. Other exclusions may apply. See additional details below.

Lifetime warranty is only valid for the service life of the apparatus on which the fixture was originally installed. Warranty claims may only be made by the current owner of the apparatus for which the product was originally installed, or a FireTech Authorized Reseller acting on their behalf.

Our lifetime warranty covers:

  1. Moisture intrusion
  2. LEDs out
  3. LEDs dimming
  4. LEDs color shifting

Our lifetime warranty DOES NOT cover:

  1. Abuse, accident, neglect, or other physical damage
  2. Melting or other thermal damage due to use outside of the product’s stated specifications
  3. Fixtures that have been disassembled (including those with their end caps removed)
  4. Fixtures that have been tampered with or repaired by any person other than us
  5. Cosmetic issues, deficiencies, or defects in coatings or housings which do not affect the function of the fixture
  6. Service or labor of installing the new fixture



If you wish to file a LifeTime Warranty claim, please fill out the form below, or reach out to us via phone at 703-662-3458, email at support@hivizleds.com or text us at 703-662-3458 with the following information:
  1. Proof of purchase (or explanation of where product was purchased. ie., on a new ____ brand of apparatus)
  2. A description of the issue
  3. The part number or a photograph of the fixture
  4. The address for where to ship a replacement
  5. A contact name, e-mail address and phone number for the point person who will be receiving the new fixture and responsible for returning the old fixture.

For more information on warranties and claims, please download our PDF.