Testing the durability and strength of our standard Guardian warning lights by hanging a 10,000 lb hummer from them


At HiViz, we help first responders work more safely and effectively after dark, so they can save lives.

I don’t believe it’s fair to ask firefighters to save lives without giving them every competitive advantage possible, so at the end of a bad call they can say “we did everything we could.”

– Sam Massa, HiViz Lighting, Inc. CEO & Founder

How We Started

Our company was founded by serial entrepreneur, firefighter, and EMT Sam Massa in 2011. With a background in stage lighting from his former DJ business and an interest in off-road/towing lights from his biofuel business days, emergency vehicle lighting was a natural transition for Sam as he joined Summerville-Bunnlevel Fire & Rescue.

This experience really hammered home to Sam the importance of being able to see to do the job – because when you’re working on the side of the road at 2am, you can’t do the job unless you can see the subject of the incident. Sam quickly got to work on bringing new, innovative LED scene lights for fire trucks and ambulances to market and HiViz Lighting, Inc was born.

Our Journey

Fast forwarding a decade and some change, our FireTech brand of lights boasts an entire portfolio of the most innovative, reliable, and durable scene and warning lights for fire apparatus and ambulances. We also innovated the traditional business model of the industry by backing up our products with top-notch customer service (call us anytime, literally) and the industry’s only advance exchange lifetime warranty.

In true Sam Massa fashion, we’re also known for questioning the norm; for stepping back to look at things from the first responder point of view to understand how products need to function in the real world. We’d rather burn it all down and rebuild from the ground up than do something just for the sake of “that’s how it’s been done for years.” This line of thought has pushed our company to new levels, with the introduction of communication protocol HiViz Connect and its line of smart products for emergency vehicles.




As we evaluate the future-looking landscape of the public safety industry, we know software is key. HiViz has reinvented itself with a dual purpose; robust hardware married to the most versatile software on the planet. By focusing on hardware now and software over and over, HiViz is leading the charge as a tech company focused on saving lives. 

We support first responders during every hour of the day, not just when they’re on the clock.

But we aren’t stopping there. Our media division creates content to inspire, educate, and entertain. Whether it’s scrolling through our TikTok channel to see what our team is up to or listening to our company podcasts, The 24/48 and The Supply Line (launching Oct 2023), our goal is to support the first responder as a whole.