Scene Lights
Our scene light uses angled circuit boards and optics to illuminate three distinct lighting zones.

The Guardian LED scene light uses a 7.25" x 5.25" mounting hole layout which matches the most common 7x9 "900 series" fixtures in the industry. With a standard and a high output model available, your crew will have a serious edge up after dark

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MiniBrow Lights
Available in many different sizes, our MiniBrow Lights are the perfect addition to the front of an ambulance for forward facing visibility.

This same technology is available for EMS units with a simplified electrical layout and variety of mounting options. Stop putting fixtures designed for poles on the front of your rigs…this range was specifically designed to shine on scenes in front of the rig!

Mini Brow Light

Compartment Lights
Surprisingly, compartment lighting is an area often frustrating to many fleet managers.

Many times the cheapest light available is installed, only to give problems for the life of the vehicle. The FireTech HD strip light is the only compartment light in the industry to bond the chips and circuit board directly to the housing, THEN pot it. That potting makes it totally waterproof, and the mechanical attachment to the housing allows proper thermal management and superior service life.

HD Strip Light

Undercarriage Lights
Salt? Road Spray? Rocks? No problem.

The FireTech FT-AQX was originally designed as an indestructible marine-market under water transom light. With some minor tweaks to the optics, this fixture has been tooled to be the ultimate undercarriage light. Never want to have to mess with another ground light again? The FT-AQX is the solution.

FT-AQX Undercarriage Light


The FireTech lineup from HiViz LEDs includes a complete range of Work and Utility LED lights. Put these fixture to work in nearly any setting and you’ll be impressed by the outstanding light output, diverse mounting configurations, minimal amp draw, and durable housing. The FireTech WL-X range is a high quality premium series with versatile range designed specifically for the Fire and Emergency vehicle markets.

We can typically produce a detailed rendering within 5-10 business days if provided proper vehicle specifications.

A black Single Stack MiniBrow LED Light by FireTech that can be mounted on any area of a fire apparatus.



An ambulance vehicle fit guide showing mounting options for various LED Scene Light by FireTech HiViz Lighting.


We begin each project with a customer provided drawing of the rig to be outfitted, then gather the technical information for that specific unit.


A 3D model is built using the customer’s specifications, then carried over into the rendering engine.


A simulation rendering ensures the final product will meet the customer’s lighting requirements, as well as any applicable standards.


We create a complete breakdown of the customer’s specific needs to meet their safety requirements.