HiViz LED Lighting Announces Integration with HAAS Alert Safety Cloud® Digital Alerting for Emergency Vehicles

HENDERSONVILLE, NC (April 14, 2022) – Lights and sirens alone will never totally solve the problem of motorists and autonomous vehicles crashing into parked emergency vehicles.

Debuting at FDIC 2023, HiViz Connect™ is the communication protocol that enables smart features like Digital Alerting, Over The Air updates, and multi-vehicle synchronization in our new HVC Warning Lights.

Sam Massa, Founder and CEO of HiViz Lighting, Inc, says “If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that warning lights alone will not prevent collisions with stopped emergency vehicles. There are numerous systems that can augment lighting with slower or more synchronized blinking flash patterns, but even as we enter and innovate in that market, we know the studies point to Safety Cloud digital alerting as the pathway to the distracted driver and the CAVs (Connected and Autonomous Vehicles) we share the roadway with today.”

The FireTech® Omen™ Warning Lightbar, part of the HVC Warning Light system launching at this year’s FDIC, connects seamlessly with HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud. Sam says “One of the reasons we’re so excited to work with the HAAS Team and the Safety Cloud is because their platform is already connected with millions of drivers on the roadway today. This allows us to use a neutral data processor to share data with other motorists, or even other warning light companies without having to work directly with them. In order to solve this problem of first responders getting struck and killed while working on the side of the road, we needed a way to collaborate better”

To use the system, you can install a HA5 directly onto the warning light bar’s exoskeleton, connect the interface cable, and immediately communicate with the world around you. On a new emergency vehicle apparatus, which already ships with a HAAS Alert device, simply connect the HiViz Connect network to the HAAS Alert supplied on your apparatus and enable an advanced set of features through a software update.

When a HAAS Alert device is connected, the lightbar becomes a smart internet-connected beacon which alerts motorists and other first responders of your presence while responding and on scene–regardless of the brand of lights they choose. Adding a HA5 device to your system can enable over-the-air software updates for your fixtures, feature expansions, simple access to setting configurations, and intelligent multi-vehicle lighting controls. This is the natural 21st century solution to safer roads for first responders.

Cory Hohs, Founder and CEO of HAAS Alert, says “Partnerships and integration with manufacturers like HiViz are extremely important to our customers and our company. SafetyCloud offers these manufacturers a safety-critical gateway to the automobile and enables innovators like HiViz to communicate with millions of drivers around the world.” Safety Cloud comes standard on most new fire apparatus produced in North America today. 


About HiViz LED Lighting, Inc

HiViz LED Lighting is on a mission to help first responders work more safely and effectively afterdark, so they can save lives. They are known historically as the leading provider in extreme duty scene lighting technologies and have recently expanded into warning lighting and other software products for emergency vehicles. Many employees of HiViz are either active or retired first responders themselves, and their experience in the field allows them to share a unique perspective when discussing methods and strategies for building or improving emergency vehicles. Learn more at


About HAAS Alert

HAAS Alert’s mission is to build lifesaving mobility solutions to make vehicles and roads safer and smarter. Our vision is a connected, collision-free world where everyone gets home safely. HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud vehicle communication network delivers digital alerts from emergency responders, roadway fleets, and other transportation assets and hazards to nearby drivers, vehicles, and infrastructure. Learn more at


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