What is your background?

I’ve held various roles in sales beginning in 2008. I was bit by the EMS/Fire bug around 2007 by a friend who convinced me to enroll in an EMT course and have been in and around the industry since.

What do you do at HiViz?

Job Title:Regional Manager South Central Territory
Start Date: September 2022
Describe your work/day-to-day: “I sell lighting and lighting accessories” (In my best Hank Hill voice) What I really do is work with firefighters, fire chiefs, EMS administrators, dealers and OEMS to provide what I believe to be the best lighting in the industry to allow them to be safe after dark and serve their communities.

What drew you to HiViz?

Both the culture of the company and being able to help firefighters.

Where are you from originally?

Born and raised in Bryan/College Station, Texas.

What is a food combination people eat frequently that you can’t get behind?

Not a fan of spaghetti and meatballs

Is there a quote you live by?

“It is what it is”

Would you rather have a giraffe neck or a kangaroo tail?

Give me the kangaroo tail! Like a permanent portable chair?! Sign me up!