What is your background?

Army / Sales / Sales Management / Leadership Trainer/ Recruiter

What do you do at HiViz?

Job title: Executive Sales Manager
Start date: January 8, 2024
Describe your work/day-to-day: Usually begin my day at 4am with a brisk swim in the Broad River followed-up by 10-15 egg omelet. I then take care of my 12 Austrian shepherds before heading into the office to work at the best company in the world.

What is your “why” at HiViz?

To be a good father and provider.

Where are you from originally?

Grew up in South Fl- Ft. Lauderdale / Went to college in Greenville SC (Furman University) and traveled around the world with the US Army.

What is a food combination people eat frequently that you can’t get behind?

Beef jerky and peanut butter

Song you can’t stop listening to?

James Taylor – Carolina on my Mind

Would you rather smell like garlic or like a skunk?

Garlic – I am Italian, so I already struggle with this.