MEET Kaoma

How long have you been a part of the team?

Since 2013! I was working in the veterinary field after completing my degree in animal bioscience at the University of Melbourne. I started working for HiViz part time, just to help Sam with the workload. But the business grew so quickly that we both needed to be involved full time!

What do you do for the company?

I manage everything to do with the FireTech brand! Orders, accounts, customer service, trade shows, marketing and everything that goes on behind the scenes!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Working! Haha. Just kidding- I enjoy hanging out with my husband Sam and our dog Slick. Hiking, travelling, visiting my family and friends in Australia and trying new breweries and restaurants in our hometown of Asheville, NC!

Why do you come to work every day?

I’ve always enjoyed working in general, but I just really love the HiViz and the FireTech brand. I love the products that we make and I love the people that we work with. Both our internal team and our customers! For the most part, people in the fire/emergency industry are really good people, and I enjoy being around them. Our first responders are so important to our communities and I love that in a small way, we have the opportunity to make their jobs easier!

What is your favorite product?

So hard to choose! That’s like choosing my favourite child! They are all unique in their own ways but I will always love for the FireTech Brow Light. It was the first of its kind and does such a great job at what it is supposed to do. Additionally, departments who use it love it, which makes me love it even more! Following closely behind would be the FireTech Headlights and the FireTech Guardian. We put a tonne of engineering time into developing those fixtures, as well as taking the time to get feedback from the market. Both products now do exactly what we wanted them to do and truely solve real-world problems!