MEET Marina

What is your background?

I have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Emmanuel University

What do you do at HiViz?

Job Title: Senior Graphic Designer
Start Date: July 2021
Describe your work/day-to-day: My day-to-day work can range from working on our product catalogs, to working on 3D scenes in KeyShot, or even designing fleet graphics for our demo vehicles. One of the things I love about HiViz is that I get to work on such a wide range of projects and there is always something new to learn! I most recently got to learn how to wire/install our HiViz Connect warning light system so that I can create instruction manuals for installers on how to install these lights!

What is your favorite HiViz memory?

My favorite memory is when we all hit our team goals one year and got to go to the GoPro Motorplex outdoor karting facility. It was such a fun experience!

Where are you from originally?

I am from Western North Carolina but spent a lot of time in South Jersey (go birds)!

Hit us with all your ‘most likely’ ideas for the team

Sam – most likely to come up with a crazy plan around something that no one else would have ever thought of
Kaoma – most likely to be reading a book in her off time
Donna – most likely to know where Sam is
Chelsea – most likely to know exactly where someone should eat in Asheville
Spencer – most likely to be riding his mountain bike
Joe – most likely to bring up Rosenbauer in a conversation
Michele – most likely to know everybody at a trade show
Dan – most likely to be in a Buccees Hawaiian shirt at dinner
Lee – most likely to have a Florida, Kentland, or Clifford story for us
Jason – most likely to be at a new fire department every zoom meeting
Morgan – most likely to be planning a fun event for the team
Jenae – most likely to have a connection you need locally
Whitaker – most likely to have an underground doomsday bunker
Michael – most likely to know everything about the latest cool technology

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I played four years of collegiate soccer!

Song you can’t stop listening to

Tabasco & Sweet Tea – The Cadillac Three

Would you rather have a pet dinosaur or be a dinosaur?

Oh definitely have a pet dinosaur because how cool would that be, and I would totally have a triceratops.