MEET Michael

How long have you been a part of the team?

I joined the team in early September of 2022!

What do you do for the company?

My title is Embedded Systems Engineer. I am focused on developing FireTech’s smart lighting solutions as well as other embedded engineering projects, maintaining technical documentation, and providing technical support for the team and customers.

Why do you come to work every day?

I gain great joy and satisfaction from learning and applying what I know and what I have experienced to craft solutions to problems for first responders! I also very much enjoy mutual knowledge sharing with teammates, partners, and customers.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy camping and hiking with my dog, Bucky. I moved from out of state for this position, so I am very much looking forward to taking advantage of the sights and the great weather that this area has to offer!

What is your favorite product?

My favorite product so far is the BG2 Lighting System. The modularity, flexibility, and configurability of the system leaves the door open to a great many future features and use cases. I highly respect and value products that continuously provide new features and value for not only new customers but also existing customers.