What is your background?

Inspired by my older brothers and dad, I grew up as an adrenaline junky and a tinkerer; I loved getting involved with my family riding motorcycles, snowboarding, and riding around in my dad’s construction equipment.  While I gave up much that to dedicate myself to academics and soccer in middle/high school, all of that would come back to me when I started pursuing engineering in college.  Nowadays, when I’m not busy crashing down mountain bike trails in Pisgah Forest, I get my wrenching fix from working on my truck and dirt bike.  I’ve also had the pleasure of working as a Mechanical engineer across multiple different industries with vastly different products; from precision CNC workholding to aerospace motion systems, and now high-tech emergency vehicle lighting!

What do you do at HiViz?

Job title: Mechanical Engineer
Start date: April 29, 2024
Describe your work/day-to-day: As an ME for HiViz, most days I will be working on CAD design and analysis of all of the hard parts that go into making a new light fixture. Outside of new product development, I’ll also have my hands in assisting the rest of the HiViz product development team in creating test equipment and attractive displays to show off our product.

What is your favorite HiViz memory?

The Dan Hummer “tiktok” video was a great laugh.

Where are you from originally?

Raleigh, North Carolina

What is a food combination people eat frequently that you can’t get behind?

Peanut butter and chocolate.

Song you can’t stop listening to?

Higher – Creed

Would you rather fight a kangaroo once a week or have to wrestle an orangutan once a month?

Everything in Australia is deadly especially kangaroos, I’m choosing the orangutan.