MEET Slick

What is your background?

Hai I’m slick the dog. Well, I used 2 live under a bus which dripped oil on me. Thatz why Sam named me slick and I thught that waz fun. 1 day I was looking for snackz on the road becoz I had to find food for myself, and I saw this girl out running. I decided 2 run with her. All the wayz back 2 her house. It was Kaoma. She thought I looked dirty, so her and Sam gave me a bath. Then Sam took me in his truck, becoz Kaoma told him to by me sum dog food. He didn’t know that theyz specifically make food just 4 dogs, so we went to zaxby’s for a chiken burga. It tasted so gud. Anyway, after that I jut decided I shuld keep living wit Sam and Kaoma and now we’re 3 best friendz.

What do you do at HiViz?

Job Title: Chief snacks and smells officer
Start Date: Nut sure
Describe your work/day-to-day: I am very busy, wow. Sam and Kaoma carry me from bed to the car each morning about 530 am and we go to the office. Then they carry me from car to my bed inside the office and I keeps sleeping until itz time to wake up, which is usually around 10am. This iz also around the time the UPS man named Saturday comes to deliver packages, so I like to have a bark at him. Then I do a loop of the office checking all desks and trash cans 4 any tasty snacks. Then, I usually find a meeting to attend and I like to just sleep in the meetings. When the meeting is finished, I get up and go to next meeting, for more sleeping. Sumtim after that its lunch time which is the best time of day because I usually get some hooman food. The afternoons are more sleeping. I know wot time the employeez leave, and i wait. As soon as they leave I check their trash cans for potential snaks. Thatz the best time of day.

What drew you to HiViz?

The snacks

What is your favorite HiViz memory?

The snacks

What is your “why” at HiViz?

The snacks

Where are you from originally?

Harnett County North Carolina!

What is a food combination people eat frequently that you can’t get behind?

I get behind all fud combinationz there R no bad foodz.

If you were a shoe, would you be the left or right foot?

Um, I have 4 feet.