MEET Spencer

What is your background?

Professionally, I have experience in videography and graphic design. I’m excited that I get to do all things video and photo here at HiViz! I really enjoy learning about camera gear as well as making our videos look cinematic and professional. I’m an avid mountain biker and I love challenging myself on the steepest and hardest trails I can ride. Being outside is something I enjoy and really value!

What do you do at HiViz?

Job Title: Videographer
Start Date: November 15, 2021
Describe your work/day-to-day: I make the pictures move. Sometimes I make the pictures not move. Most of the time they move though. I also make the pictures that move have sound. If the pictures move, it’s always in crispy 4K resolution.

What is your favorite HiViz memory?

My favorite memory was taking photos of the demo truck in a foot of snow!

Hit us with all your ‘most likely’ ideas for the team

Sam – most likely to wear shoes on the beach
Donna – most likely to steal employees from Chick-Fil-A
Chelsea – most likely to eat salad for breakfast
Marina – most likely to get another cat
Joe – most likely to bring up snowmaking or Rosenbaur in the first 5 minutes of conversation
Lisa – most likely to make a random noise any time of the day
Lee – most likely to make his fire truck his daily driver
Jason – most likely to be mistaken for another employee’s child
Morgan – most likely to run her space heater in the summer
Michael – most likely to replace his monitor with an actual movie screen

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I used to competitively bass fish.

Song you can’t stop listening to

Stardust Chords by Greta Van Fleet

Would you rather live in a world where everyone’s hats talk or all dogs text instead of bark?

Have dogs text instead of bark. Because I REALLY want to know what Slick is thinking.