You can now spec an entire fire
apparatus in firetech lights

from dot lights for the front and back of your truck to
scene and warning lights, firetech has you covered.

  • Infinite options to customize the tool for your department, and infinitely updateable with HiViz ConnectTM. 
  • The Omen has a MODULAR DESIGN allowing you to configure and replace any size traditional light bar. If you damage the bar, the modular design allows you to replace a module rather than the whole fixture – reducing cost and the need for spare parts.
  • Eliminates complexity: Fast to install, fast to configure, easy to use.
  • Every color, every time: every FireTech Omen lightbar comes fully populated with blue, amber, green, red, and white in the middle row.



If you are looking to spec an ambulance,

check out our Standard Guardian Warning Lights