Get the reliable lighting you need to save lives after dark.



With the highest luminous efficacy on the market, our fixtures produce more lumens per watt than others on the market. The result? More light where you need it. Every time.


We've been on the side of the road at 2 am, and we know the challenges you face. With a team comprised of first responders, we take our real world knowledge into account when designing and engineering our products.


Lumen for Lumen, HiViz fixtures beat the competition in both performance and price. What does this mean? You get the light output you deserve, at a price point you can afford.


Our fixtures are built to last. Therefore, HiViz is proud to offer a LifeTime Warranty WITH advance exchange on all FireTech products. Advance exchange means we ship you a new fixture first and you send us the old one back after the swap. We can't promise that you'll never have a problem, but we can promise that we'll take care of you if you do.



Product failure isn’t an option. Our entire product line is focused on providing first responders with lighting options that will be at their best when situations are at their worst.


Safely & Effectively

After Dark.

Visibility is key to safety on scene, especially at night.

The right scene lighting and brow lighting can give you the confidence you need when you arrive at your calls. At HiViz, we create lighting technologies for emergency vehicles so first responders can work more safely and effectively after dark.

Lighting that helps you help others

Founded by firefighters, our company has over a decade of experience and 150 team members, we’re trusted by every fire truck company in the country and help everyone from rural fire departments to large agencies work more safely and effectively after dark.

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upgrade your

Emergency vehicle lighting

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Request a Custom Lighting Plan

Get more information about the lighting you need.

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Complete an After Dark Demo

See how the lighting will really perform after dark.

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Have the Lighting You Need

Work more safely and effectively after dark with reliable lighting.


at every call

At FireTech, we know you want to be confident when you show up on scene, especially at night. In order for that to happen, you need reliable lighting that allows you to save lives after dark. The problem is there are so many lighting options to choose from, which can make you feel overwhelmed and unsure.

We believe you deserve the highest quality product on the market, supplied by a vendor who understands your needs and cares about the lifetime of the product you rely on every day. We understand how hard it can be to deal with nighttime calls even in the best situations because we’ve actually been there ourselves, having worked in the fire/rescue/EMS field just like you.

To get started with reliable lighting for your emergency vehicle, request a custom lighting plan from our team today. Then, complete an after dark demo so you can see how the light really performs in the dark. And then, you can finally have the lighting you need to work more safely and effectively after dark.

So request a custom lighting plan today! And in the meantime, check out our free class on the science of effective scene lighting so you can stop worrying about not being able to protect people when needed and instead start feeling confident you can save lives, even at night.


Learn about LED lighting technologies that help first responders do their jobs and best practices for implementing effective scene lighting. Click the button below to create your account and start your free course.
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