Introducing HiViz Connect™ for First Responders: Hardware now. Software over and over

In a manufacturing environment where long backlogs and lengthy production lead times are the new norm, choosing an emergency vehicle lighting system that can be updated over time helps to ensure you don’t miss out. 

HiViz Connect™ is the communication protocol that enables smart features in our new HVC Warning Lights and Omen™ lightbar. With HiViz Connect, our hardware products become virtually future proof: feature enhancements and updates can be downloaded and sent to your warning lights without ever having to take them off your apparatus. We took our inspiration from some of the most forward-thinking car manufacturers in the tech space and have designed a feature set that becomes exponentially more advanced with time. The best part? There’s no expensive central brainbox. It’s all built into the fixtures and does not require a secondary electrical system to be installed on your apparatus.

The ability to update the software wirelessly will allow us to roll out updates keeping your emergency vehicle up to date. With HiViz Connect, you can spec FireTech® today and receive the latest features the day your emergency vehicle is ready to ship.


HiViz Connect Launch Feature Set for First Responder Vehicles

Advanced Flash Pattern Programming for Emergency Vehicles

HiViz Connect enables features like dimming, ramping, and virtually unlimited flash pattern selection. You can define the flash rate, color,and flash mode.With HiViz Connect, you can choose whole-vehicle flash patterns (simple) or choose more specific flash patterns per fixture(more advanced).

Multi-vehicle Synchronization

Multi-vehicle synchronization is becoming a requirement in many regions. If you’re a first responder, stay on top of new safety regulations by synchronizing flash patterns and rates across vehicles.

Active Load Management for First Responders

Firefighters should never have to work in the dark. Active load management means the scene and warning light fixtures on your emergency vehicle never consume more power than the alternator or charging system has the capability to produce. It allows for the lights to be dimmed rather than just switched off if electrical system capacity is exceeded. Active load management can also discern what fixtures are the most and least important to keep running based on local laws and NFPA 1900 standards.

Automatic System-wide Night Mode for Emergency Vehicles

Night modes have been recognized in NFPA 1900 as a possible way to reduce chaos and calm the emergency scene. HiViz Connect-enabled products automatically enter night mode, slowing the flash rate and reducing intensity for the entire system with no user input required.

Integrated Digital Alerting

By transmitting data into the HAAS Alert Safety Cloud®, millions of motorists can receive a digital notification where you are responding on scene to make the roads safer for all.

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