HiViz LED Lighting’s New Warning Light System to Debut at FDIC 2022

HENDERSONVILLE, NC (APRIL 28, 2022) HiViz Lighting’s FireTech brand and Horton Emergency Vehicles have collaborated to showcase an ambulance featuring the industry’s newest ultra-durable emergency vehicle lighting system.

The most important function of an ambulance is for it to be in-service and able to respond in the event of an emergency.  When components on the vehicle fail or are removed for warranty repair, the life-saving support provided by paramedics and emergency service workers who rely on the vehicle in which to do so is delayed. HiViz Lighting, Inc is on a mission to prevent any delays in care.

HiViz Lighting, Inc, is known as an innovator in ultra-durable LED Lighting technology for the public safety space, and until now, has spent most of their time working with full-sized fire apparatus in the Scene Lighting space.  Their technology is trusted by some of the nation’s largest municipal fire departments, and their industry-leading Lifetime Advance Exchange warranty is a primary motivator for agencies who rely on uptime.

HiViz’s CEO and active North Carolina Firefighter/EMT, Sam Massa, said “A few years ago one of the senior leaders at the REV Group mentioned to all of the suppliers how important it was that we listened to our customers, and innovated using a need-seeker mentality.”  Sam explained how he took that request to the market and in HiViz’s initial research into the Ambulance market. “That feedback seemed to indicate there was a need for a less expensive light fixture, but less expensive could mean a lot of things,” Sam said.  “I wanted to dive deeper, and really explore the issues using the need-seeker approach.”

After countless customer conversations, the message was clear: “less expensive” referred to complete system cost, operational cost, and the impact of warranty work rather than simply the fixture cost. Ultimately the vehicles are important tools that needed to stay in-service.

Sam mentioned “If we could offer a system that required fewer fixtures than legacy systems but manufactured them of more durable raw materials and components, it would allow us to provide the customer a more reliable solution which could be used to drive overall system cost down, reliability up, and still give the customer what they’re looking for which is a business-friendly operational cost of the vehicle and enhanced uptime.”  Sam went on to explain that he was excited to be showcasing this new system on a product manufactured by the REV Group as much of the initial conversation and push for innovation in this space was inspired by that need-seeker conversation from their team.

The Guardian® warning lights are designed for ambulances and are being released under HiViz Lighting’s FireTech® brand.  They draw from two of the same principles HiViz uses in their scene light range: keep the temperature low and prevent moisture intrusion.  Each fixture is built on the foundation of an oversized all-aluminium heat sink which prevents the fixture from ever getting too hot: even when steady burned.  On top of that, each fixture is fitted with a moisture-management system using a Nitto TEMISH vent to prevent pressure buildup inside the fixture which could result in stressing the gasketed interfaces.  The final key feature is a unique crackproof corner design which prevents over-torquing of the screws from cracking the corner of the fixtures and allowing moisture to ruin the fixture.

The new warning light range is an expansion of the existing Guardian Scene Light range, and includes two sizes, a “Junior” and a “Standard” size.  These fixtures are designed to install using the same bolt patterns as the most popular legacy products used today.  This expanded range will feature “warning-only fixtures”, “hybrid” versions of the fixtures, and a new “Value-Line” Guardian Scene Light.  When paired with the FireTech Guardian series Scene Light products, this system allows an ambulance purchaser to specify a single manufacturer for their complete emergency vehicle lighting system, which is all backed by the industry’s only Lifetime Advance Exchange Warranty.

But it’s not just about the lighting.

Horton Ambulance are leaders in the ambulance niche and are known for their innovative features, safety systems and interior designs that provide emergency crews with everything they need.  The company is adding the final touches on the ambulance that will sport the very first FireTech lighting fixtures of their class.  The ambulance will also feature a FireTech grill which have warning lights and  FireTech light cannons.

CEO of HiViz, Sam Massa is excited about the collaboration with Horton Ambulance. He said: “Horton is a pioneer in ambulances, and we are proud to be collaborating with them with our high-quality warning lights to improve safety. The demo ambulance is quite impressive, and we are excited to expand the range with our partners across the industry.”

The demo ambulance will be on display at FDIC International 2022 and will also travel nationwide for viewing at trade shows around the U.S. on the 2022 circuit.

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