C-Lite Helios Tower

Don’t get caught in the dark

Firefighters have many obstacles … seeing shouldn’t be one of them. And yet, first responders are constantly battling the dark, and all too often because their apparatus isn’t equipped with a light tower. Now, there’s no reason to work in the dark thanks to Command Light’s “Helios” LED fixture, by HiViz LED Lighting / FireTech. This LED shaves the cost of a new light tower by 33% while delivering a 14,000 lumens per fixture! The Helios is also perfect for quartz-to-LED light tower retrofits. And all so you don’t have to get caught in the dark.

Lighting: (1) Helios 60W

Power Requirements: 12V DC – 12A 140W 

Total Output: 14,000 lumens

Dimensions (nested): 9” x 14” x 19”

Dimensions (upright): 21” x 14” x 19”

Weight: 30 lbs.


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