KL Series Helios Tower

Don’t get caught in the dark

Firefighters have many obstacles … seeing shouldn’t be one of them. And yet, first respondersare constantly battling the dark, and all too often because their apparatus isn’t equipped with alight tower. Now, there’s noreason to work in the dark thanks to Command Light’s “Helios” LEDfixture, by HiViz LED Lighting / FireTech. This LED shaves the cost of a new light tower by 33%while delivering a 14,000 lumens per fixture! The Helios is alsoperfect for quartz-to-LED lighttower retrofits. And all so you don’t have to get caught in the dark.

Technical Data (AC Version)

Part Number:KL415A-CH

Lighting: (6) Helios 60W

Power Requirements: 115V or 230V AC 660W

Total Output:84,000lumens

Dimensions (nested):12” x47” x34”

Dimensions (upright):87.5” x52” x34”



Technical Data (DC Version)

Part Number:KL415D-CH

Lighting: (6) Helios 60W

Power Requirements: 12V DC–55A 660W

Total Output: 84,000 lumens

Dimensions (nested): 12” x 47” x 34”

Dimensions (upright): 87.5” x 52” x 34”

Weight: 165 lbs.


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