Pixel Ladder Light

Adding the Pixel Ladder Light to your fire apparatus aerial device brings a whole new level of sophistication to your apparatus. Each LED in the system is individually controlled by our System Manager and gives you the ability to choose from a variety of functions on-the-fly. These functions can be solid colors to illuminate the ladder rungs or can be tied to a variety of functions to indicate certain aerial device statuses. This can include things like flashing when the aerial is in motion, changing colors to indicate when certain load limits are reached, visually indicating things like emergency-evacuation or water flowing.

Limitless Functionality

In addition to functionality associated with firefighting, we know aerial devices are often used in parades or community support functions. Supporting the local high school on game night? Fly the school colors. Breast cancer awareness month? At the tap of a button, turn the aerial Pink. You can even choose things like “Rocket” or “Twinkle” or “American Flag” all without ever losing the primary function of being the best darn aerial rung light ever produced for a fire.

Customizable Freedom

Choose Any Color

The system manager allows for user-programmable selection of any “solid” color or combination of colors. White, red, blue, green, orange, pink, rainbow, red/white/blue, etc.

Choose Your Flash Pattern

Program any input wire to act as a flashing indicator. This can be wig/wag, scrolling, blinking, and can be used to indicate a variety of aerial conditions.

Choose The Intensity

The entire system is dimmable and can be configured to come on at a variety of intensities.


  • Part # FT-PXL-61
  • Voltage

    9-32V DC

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