Semi-Recessed 15,800 Lumen LED Area Light

The FireTech FT-MB-2.15-*-CPREC is a 150 Watt Semi-Recessed FireTech Double Stack MiniBrow light. This fixture mounts easily to the side of your apparatus and maintains the fixture’s native adjustability. Once it’s installed, just aim the light where you need it and lock down the mounting feet. The FT-MB-2.15-CPREC is the perfect addition to the side of any apparatus, new or old.

Key Features:

  • Polished Aluminum Housing
  • Total depth required less than 2″
  • Includes: MB2.15-*-* MiniBrow Light
  • Recessed Housing
  • Rubber Isolating Gasket


Our Brow Light and MiniBrow Scene Light technology are designed by firefighters for firefighters. That means that we’re acutely aware of what you need from your lights and how to best provide it in a package that can fit on many different apparatuses. We know that you don’t need to worry about whether your scene light will work in an emergency, but only need to worry about the illumination necessary to do your job. That’s why the FireTech MiniBrow Series is backed by the industry’s leading limited LIFETIME warranty.



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