Guardian Value Scene Light

The Guardian Value Line scene light is made specifically for EMS fleets who want the best, but are concerned about the cost of high performance lighting. We use an extremely efficient 32 watt circuit design to give you more light where it counts, without the need for the large heat sync used in the full sized Guardian and Guardian Elite products. This fixture is specifically designed for ambulances and features a “spot” circuit for finding address numbers, and a “scene” circuit that can be tied to door triggers or used during patient loading. You can fire both circuits up together for simple control and maximum visibility, and it all comes at a price that doesn’t break the bank. This fixture couples perfectly with the FireTech Warning Lights.

Guardian Series for Any Budget

The Guardian LED Scene light is offered in three versions; the Guardian Value, the Guardian (standard), and the Guardian Elite. Any of these LED scene lights will grant your trucks and EMS fleet the light you can rely on when times are at their worst.

Industry Standard Size

The Guardian LED scene lights use a 7.25”x 5.25” mounting hole layout which matches the most common 7×9 fixtures in the industry.  This uniformity across the industry makes the Guardian scene lights a perfect self-installable replacement, all without needing to drill any new holes in your rig.

Backed By A Lifetime Warranty

The difference between our products and other companies’ LED scene lighting products is that ours are designed and measured for actual use in the field. This is why we are comfortable offering our industry-unique limited lifetime warranty, and why we believe that our products truly are the best for your emergency lighting. If you would like to learn more, visit our Dealer Locator page to discover your closest FireTech dealer! You can also call 703-662-3458 or fill out the form below!


Request a Custom Lighting Plan

HiViz LED Lighting provides all the work lighting, scene lighting, and flood lighting a fire apparatus may need. If you would like to learn more about any of our scene lighting products fill out the form below!