Violet / UV – C Germicidal Lighting System

The pandemic caused many EMS agencies to explore ways to decontaminate the back of their vehicles, and many home-brewed solutions were conceptualized during the initial phases of response. The market has been demanding a smart germicidal lighting UV-C decontamination system that was both robust and customizable. We listened earnestly, and are ready to deliver:

Introducing Violet, the world’s first purpose-built LED UV-C Germicidal Lighting system designed specifically for the back of an ambulance, with the same Advance Exchange Lifetime Warranty that all FireTech products offer.

** Calculated dose and effectiveness of germicidal systems must be evaluated by the purchasing agency. HiViz makes no claim to the specific effect of UV-C Germicidal light in any application, and agencies are encouraged to seek qualified council when evaluating decontamination or UV-C systems for use in ambulances.


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