The Ultimate Adjustable Work Light (WL-X-9-SH2) - Old

9 LED Work and Area Light With Handle and Swivel Mount

The FT-WL-X-9 is a 63 watt LED work light designed for use in the fire industry. It meets the minimum NFPA illumination requirement for a single 12v LED Aerial Tip light per the 2016 1901 standard. This fixture is designed with our patented intelligent Active Thermal Management LED driver which prevents the circuitry from ever overheating regardless the environment the fixture is operated in. Like the rest of the FireTech products, the FT-WL-X-9 is backed by the industry’s only LIFETIME warranty.

Why Choose the Ultimate Adjustable Work Light For Your Scene Lighting?

  • It far exceeds the NFPA 1901 Ch 13 requirements as a rear work light producing close to 4500 measured lumens at the source.
  • This fixture has an integrated switch in the back so no need for sophisticated wiring on basic utility vehicles.
  • Due to its lighting capability and versatile mount, It works great as an Aerial Tip light, as a rear hose bed or utility light, or as a scene light in virtually any area on your rig.
  • What really makes the WL-X-9 stand out from its siblings is that just a single fixture of this light is NFPA compliant at the tip of an aerial.
  • Low cost for lighting and flexibility!

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