Guardian Hybrid Warning & Scene Light

The FireTech Guardian Hybrid Warning / Scene Light allows you to combine light functions, meaning you can buy fewer lights and spend less money overall. A superior build quality with increased reliability and performance makes these lights ideal for the EMS market. Consider a FireTech Guardian Hybrid Warning / Scene Light for your next project if budget or real estate are your limiting factors!

Why Choose FireTech Warning Lights?

FireTech® Guardian series warning lights are designed for battle, because we know how much smoother the job is when your lights pass the morning check-off every time.

Crack-Free Corner Design

Screws never come in contact with corner plastic, preventing cracking and moisture intrusion.

Nitto Vent

The Nitto TEMISH Vent allows moisture to vent ensuring no unwanted condensation or water droplets trapped in the lens. The second most common killer of LED lights in our industry is moisture. With the TEMISH vent, leave your worries at the station.

High Performance Aluminum Heat Sink

Most warning lights use a plate of sheet metal to keep the fixture cool. The #1 killer of LED lighting in the public safety industry is elevated circuit temperature, and we tooled this fixture to be capable of withstanding anything you throw at it.


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