HiViz LED Lighting Expands FireTech Brand Product Offerings to Include Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights

HENDERSONVILLE, NC ( APRIL 28, 2022) –  The makers of the FireTech brand of scene lights, HiViz Lighting Inc, have announced the upcoming launch of their hotly anticipated Guardian Warning Light system at FDIC International 2022.  

HiViz Lighting has become a household name amongst public safety agencies nationwide, known today for their extreme-duty LED scene lights that help first responders see and do their jobs more safely and effectively after dark.  At FDIC 2022, in response to numerous customer requests for an expanded product range, HiViz will launch its first warning light products including traditional surface mounted warning lights as well as combination units featuring both warning and scene lights in a single fixture.

The product line is set to be quickly expanded.  It will feature additional models and be broken in to two categories for emergency vehicles. The first line, the standard Guardian® Warning Lights which will be unveiled at FDIC 2022, are designed primarily for the ambulance market. The 2022 launch will be followed up next spring with an expanded range of “Smart” warning lights focused on the fire apparatus market, which will include a direct digital-alerting integration with the HAAS Alert Safety Cloud. A preview of both technologies will be on display at this year’s FDIC show.

The new warning light system for the ambulance market will enable purchasers in this segment to fully outfit their vehicles with a complete FireTech® brand lighting system from HiViz Lighting, Inc.  The system will now include both scene lights and warning lights, as well as interior dome and compartment lighting, all backed by the industry’s only Lifetime Advance Exchange Warranty.

“The market has been asking us for years when we are going to release warning lights, said HiViz Lighting’s founder and CEO, Sam Massa.  “We didn’t want to release a product until we understood the warning light market well enough and could bring real value to our customers that set us aside from the pack.”

Unlike other warning lights on the market, the FireTech® brand warning lights draw from the same principles HiViz uses in their scene light products: keep the temperature low and prevent moisture intrusion. Each fixture is built on the foundation of an oversized extreme-duty all-aluminium heat sink which prevents the fixture from ever getting too hot, even when steady burned.  On top of that, each fixture is fitted with a moisture-management system using a Nitto TEMISH vent to prevent pressure build-up inside the fixture which could result in stressing the gasketed interfaces.  The final key feature is a unique crackproof corner design which prevents a common premature failure mode that plagues the industry today.

Explaining the motivation behind the engineering of the lights, Founder and CEO of HiViz Lighting, Massa, said, “When I began work as an EMT almost 10 years ago, it used to frustrate me so much during check-off when I would constantly find cracked corners on the warning lights on our rig. This inevitably caused them to fill up with water, forcing us to write that up every day and fill out a special report until the light eventually failed and was removed from service.  Our crackproof corners were developed directly as a result of my experience in the field, and I can’t wait for other EMTs and Paramedics to remove this issue from their squawk lists forever!”

The FireTech® Guardian® series warning lights have a minimum of seven flash patterns and use the same industry standard bolt patterns and physical size as the FireTech® Guardian®. They are available in single or multi-color configuration, chrome bezel or black bezel. They’re also compliant with GSA KKK, AMD and NFPA1917 based on SAE J595 Class 1 test results.

The second category light, dubbed the Guardian “Smart” Warning Lights, are designed for the fire apparatus market, and deliver a smarter and more immersive experience.  They will feature things like integrated Digital Alerting, true vehicle-to-vehicle synchronization using cellular and GPS location data, app-based configuration, and a virtually unlimited number of user-configurable flash patterns including SoftFlash™️ ramping flash patterns.  One of the most exciting features is an on-vehicle wireless synchronization which will make these fixtures the easiest in the industry to retrofit. They also have LEDs at the front and the side, which means the fixtures can project light over 180 degrees, delivering the broadest beam width in the industry.  This series is fully optimised to take advantage of new language in the NFPA 1900 standard, which expands and clarifies the functions permitted in emergency warning lights used on automotive fire apparatus in North America.

The Guardian® Warning Lights are available to order in early May, immediately following FDIC 2022. The Guardian® Smart Warning Light will be available in Spring 2023. For further information, visit:

Media contact: Chelsea Lassen



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